OL0119-G2 – CO2 Traffic Light


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A compact desk or wall device which measures CO2 in rooms and using with optical and acoustic alarms it helps you to take quick countermeasures.
  • Desk or wall device with an optical alarm
  • Shows the quality of the air using LED (green, yellow, red)
  • acoustic alarm
  • Long battery life

You can get a datasheet as well as read more about this device on our website.

Additional information

Voltage supply

· 1 x 3.6V AA lithium primary cell 2.6Ah or
· External DC power adapter 5V/1A to internal USB Micro-B socket

Battery life (primary cell, depending on on measurement frequency and display options)

0.5 – 2 years

Measurement method

NDIR CO₂ sensor

Measurement channels and range

CO2, 0ppm…5,000ppm

Measurement accuracy at 25°C ambient temperature

· CO2, +/-(50ppm +3% of the measured value) in the range 400ppm – 2000ppm
· Outside the range +/-(50ppm +5% of the measured value)
· Indications are valid for proper use of automatic self-adjustment

NDIR sensor lifetime

>15 years with proper use of automatic self-adjustment


· Factory adjusted and linearized
· Continuous temperature compensated
· Additional automatic cyclic self-adjustment of the CO2 sensor over the entire lifetime

Grenzwerte für Ampelfunktion

· Green < 1000ppm
· Yellow 1000ppm – 1999ppm
· Red >=2000ppm


· In red, green or yellow backlit area realizes the traffic light function
· When battery operation pulsed otherwise continuous light
· Acoustic alarm when exceeding the upper limit (can be turned off)

Measurement frequency (factory settings)

· 20s for measurements
· Display for green measuring range (also corresponds to "ready for operation") every 60s
· Display for yellow measuring range every 30s
· Indication for red measuring range (+acoustic message) every 15s

USB port

In the housing, Micro-B jack for Power and Communication

Housing, mounting

· Plastic ABS
· Table stand made of stainless steel
· Wall mounting via integrated hole for screws

Weight (without stainless steel base)

Approx. 70g incl. batteries


99mm Ø, 30mm deep



Temperature range Ta

· Storage -40°C – 70°C
· Operation 0°C – 50°C

RoHS Compliant